Entry Guidelines

Entry Guidelines

Entries will be judged against the general criteria outlined below, as well as category-specific criteria, that are relevant to the individual entry:

  • Working to a clear and focused strategy
  • Delivering service improvements within the context of financial and resource constraints
  • Delivering tangible improvements in efficiency
  • Delivering quantifiable cost savings, improvements in health outcomes, or both
  • Maintaining or improving the quality of services offered and ensuring services are patient-centred
  • Ensuring the level of service provided meets local needs
  • Adhering to relevant national guidelines and policies
  • Adhering to current evidence on best practice
  • Involving representatives of all stakeholder groups in planning, design and implementation of the initiative

Guidance - For all categories

  • Initiative title: Please keep this short and descriptive so that judges will understand what the initiative is or does. For example: Using exercise testing to improve diagnosis and target high-cost drug therapies (max 20 words)
  • Project details: This will be your entry. In no more than 1000 words please provide us with a summary of the initiative, financials and performance against these, the original plan and how the initiative has performed. Please also include a short explanation about why this should win.

Entry deadline: 23 November 2016.

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