Pathology Innovation Award

Pathology Innovation Award

consultancy_partnership_of_the_year_0.jpgPathology networks and the consolidation of pathology services across the NHS over the next 2 or 3 years aims to create substantial savings. The aim is to provide a more streamlined and consistent service which delivers faster results for patients. This will also allow for increased innovation and providing opportunities to create better efficiencies, introducing new tech and saving money.

This award is open to everyone working in pathology in the NHS whether working in the new consolidated networks or currently transitioning services. Judges are looking for single projects and initiatives which are delivering better services to patients, creating opportunities for new processes and driving value for money.



Entrants for this award will be any organisation from the NHS pathology networks as well as pathology services from NHS teams across the country

Judging Criteria :


  • A clear rationale for the initiative including the context of the patient experience
  • Describe the idea or concept, is it a new technology or process? Why was it needed in terms of the context of services previously provided?
  • An explanation of how the initiative aimed to improve the delivery of services
  • An explanation of how the initiative was informed by existing best practice or evidence
  • Include any relation to objectives set by bodies driving better practice


  • Evidence that the initiative has led to an improvement in patient experience and care, and a resulting improvement in value for money
  • This must include a quantitative aspect but can also include qualitative measures such as staff and service-user feedback.
  • How has the initiative better allocated resources? Has this released resource better spent elsewhere? What savings have been made?
  • What has been the result for the patient experience including any reduction in variation?


  • Initiatives which have shared learning across departments, teams and organisation which have resulted in tangible improvements.
  • What efforts are being made to share results?
  • If the initiative has been achieved in one of the new networks, describe how that consolidation has led to savings, value and learning.


  • Clear evidence the initiative has improved value for the staff, patient and organisation.
  • Of interest will be projects which have simultaneously delivered financial savings and improved patient experience – creating value for taxpayers and patients alike.
  • Where else has the project created opportunities for example in the productivity of the team or the efficiency of the systems?


  • Clear evidence all relevant parties were involved in the initiative, including patients, collaborating organisations, key stakeholders and staff.
  • Projects that support patients to safely self-care wherever appropriate
  • Demonstrably strong partnerships across a care economy, including with the third sector as appropriate

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Download the criteria PDF for hints and tips on submitting a winning entry

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