Primary or Community Care Service Redesign Initiative

Primary Care or Community Service Redesign Initiative

consultancy_partnership_of_the_year_0.jpgPrimary and community care providers are at the front line of changes to the way patients receive treatments, this includes working in systems which offer services which were previously received in hospital. GPs and pharmacists are taking more responsibility and working hard to divert patients from A&E and hospital beds when unnecessary.

This award celebrates positive changes in the way patients and service users receive care and are offered more choice in line with their lives. Judges are interested in pathway and process changes, environmental or place based redesigns which have benefited the patient but have also improved patient flow and relieved pressures on other parts of the system.



This award will recognise system led or integrated care projects, NHS primary or community care trusts, general practice and federations as well as other types of primary care teams or organisations.

Entry criteria :


  • What was the context in which a redesign necessary?
  • What was the ambition of the project including any targets?
  • How were those targets identified and what initial planning and research took place?
  • What planning was put in place to work with stakeholders, colleagues, partners and patients?


  • What were the results of the redesign and what were the effects on patients and staff?
  • How effective was any collaboration with key colleagues, stakeholders, partners and patients?
  • What was the financial impact of the redesign?
  • Please provide qualitative and quantitative supporting evidence clearly referenced in the supporting information


  • Outline examples where this project has embedded and spread to other departments, settings or organisations.
  • Alternatively, clear evidence the work is potentially replicable and scalable.


  • Describe the impact of the redesign on staff and patient experience including evidence of increased capacity, reduced variation and improved efficiencies.


  • Evidence of consistently strong team and/or organisation engagement in the redesign
  • Evidence of strong partnerships and engagement with all those impacted by the redesign – including those in other organisations
  • What patient involvement was there in the redesign?

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