Four Eyes Insight

21 May 2020
Manchester Central


Four Eyes Insight

Four Eyes Insight helps healthcare organisations identify and realise the true productivity potential of their operational and clinical teams. Our approach identifies, targets and rectifies those well-known, but difficult to sort, operational challenges that routinely frustrate managers and clinicians. We use best practice knowledge, honed from delivering many successful improvement programmes across the NHS, to support service providers in structuring and delivering optimal clinical services.

Our teams use a combination of expert engagement, comprehensive analytics and operational improvement tools to support clinical and managerial teams in delivering higher levels of productivity. Although known for being the Market leader in delivering operating theatre productivity, we offer support to a much wider portfolio of clinical delivery areas including; Outpatients, Cath Labs, Endoscopy and Clinical Productivity Specialty Deep Dives. Our most recent development gaining significant interest and engagement is our work with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) in understanding their clinical delivery capacity and productivity potential.

Our comprehensive offering also includes INSIGHT our artificial intelligence scheduling and theatre planning tool. Insight is a cloud-based software that uses data analysis and system integration to predict, generate and deploy optimised operating theatre capacity. The theatre module is the first module of our AI clinical services business planning solutions. So, if you are looking for targeted professional services support to kick start your clinical productivity improvement ambitions or seeking an artificially intelligent software response to planning your elective delivery capabilities, or a combination of both, then Four Eyes Insight is here to help.

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