Clinical Support Services Award

Clinical Support Services Award

consultancy_partnership_of_the_year_0.jpgWithout efficient and effective clinical support services, the care pathway cannot function. These crucial services aid clinicians in diagnosis; improve patients’ response to treatment and their recovery and rehabilitation; support patients’ families; and maintain patient and staff safety. They cover a huge range of needs, including

  1. Anaesthetics
  2. Bereavement and chaplaincy
  3. Childrens play services
  4. Dietetics and nutrition
  5. Infection prevention and control
  6. Medical photography, imaging, scans and x-ray
  7. Occupational health
  8. Orthotics
  9. Paediatric and clinical psychology
  10. Physiotherapy
  11. Podiatry
  12. Speech and language therapy


As demand for these services grows, and new techniques and technology expand their capabilities, it is crucial to ensure they are provided in as efficient and cost effective a manner as possible, while maintaining quality, positive experiences and safety.



This award is open to providers and commissioners of any clinical support service in the NHS that have improved efficiency, quality and value through service redesign or innovation. Pharmacy and Pathology are ineligible for this category as they are represented in specific categories.

Judging Criteria :


  • Lay out the context of the services provided describing the demand, frequency and importance of the service to the organisation, staff and patients.
  • Describe your goals and how they aimed to achieve improved value in the delivery of clinical support services an explanation of how the project plan was informed by existing best practice or evidence from service users.
  • How did your initiative maintain focus on improving patient and staff experience, safety and outcomes at the same time as delivering changes?
  • Innovative approaches to improving efficiency, such as restructuring provision, use of technology, workforce redesign, streamlining, or use of social enterprise should be outlined here.


  • What are the results? How has your initiative delivered better services?
  • Detail the evidence using supporting testimonials from service users and staff. Support further with quantitative data
  • Provide evidence the project has led to improved value in the delivery of clinical support services. This should include demonstrable reductions in average length of stay, improved patient outcomes, reductions in avoidable admissions – and can also include qualitative measures such as patient experience measures.
  • Proof the project met or surpassed its original goal


  • How have you enabled other services within your organisation learn from your success?
  • Describe Initiatives that have embedded and spread beyond their original setting to other departments, settings or organisations or clear evidence the work is potentially replicable and scalable


  • Clear evidence the project has improved value in clinical support services.
  • Of interest will be projects that have simultaneously delivered financial savings and improved patient experience – creating value for taxpayers and patients alike.
  • Quantitative evidence of improved value should be supplied.


  • How did the support services involve other stakeholders in the work?
  • Evidence of structured collaboration with patients, staff, departments and third-party organisations.
  • Include testimonials from partners, colleagues and leadership should be demonstrated.

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