Person-centred practice finally made real and at scale before, during and after COVID : Paediatric Diabetes Team, Southport & Ormskirk Hospitals Trust

The Ormskirk Paediatric Diabetes Team has spent years developing and training highly-successful Solution-Focused (SF) practice, a person-centred approach delivering ‘what matters to you’ and tapping patients’ and families’ expertise, complimented by a 'Geeks' Club' for autistic young people and other bespoke initiatives . The Team has enhanced even more lives locally, regionally and internationally by creating the 2019 “Ormskirk Model”, endorsed by NHSE/I, presenting it internationally and publishing it in 22 languages and latterly embedding the 'active ingredients' of SF into the Attend Anywhere telemedicine platform to make AA fit-for-purpose for consultations, structured education and pump starts during COVID19 pandemic.