People &Organisational Development Initiative of the Year

People & Organisational Development Initiative of the Year

consultancy_partnership_of_the_year_0.jpgPeople and talent is wide ranging and impactful function. Positive action on staff engagement, development, training and education, employment law or cultural change, can result in better management which affects the entire organisation. New initiatives around wellbeing and ways of working with and for our staff are making huge strides towards a more satisfied workforce with many of these ideas come from human resources. The diversity and inclusion agenda and ensuring representation across the workforce pipeline for all protected characteristics are vital for a thriving workforce, patient satisfaction and organisational efficiency.

The award will be won by a team executing initiatives or projects which are adding value to patients, staff and the wider organisation. The project might have involved multiple stakeholders; whether they be the board, patients, clinical services or partners and judges will be looking for excellence in the management of expectations with results that have improved performance and quality.



Entries are welcomed from any NHS organisations and general practice.

Judging Criteria :


  • Describe the context of the initiative, why was a change necessary and who were the major stakeholders.
  • Describe the initiative
  • What are the goals for the initiative? Describe impacts to patients, staff, efficiency or value for money.
  • Give details of the dynamics surrounding the project
    • How would it benefit patients and staff?
    • What disruption might take place?
    • How was disruption to be mitigated?
  • How did you work with interested parties and forming the project and then planning?


  • Outline the success providing clear supporting evidence in the form of testimonials, qualitative and quantitative information
  • How did the project team work together successfully? What feedback have you had from interested parties?
  • What benefits have been achieved for service users?
  • What benefits have been achieved for staff, systems and processes?


  • How have you shared success with other organisations or other departments?
  • What efforts have been made to share best practice beyond your immediate influence.


  • Describe the added value created by the initiative.
  • How have your achievements enhanced the patient experience?
  • How has your work improved patient flow, capacity, efficiency, reduced variation or saved money?


  • When planning for the project what efforts were made to involve key stakeholders such as effected clinical or support staff?
  • How were patients and service users brought into the discussion?
  • What checks and balances were put in place to ensure disruption to care was minimal and that stakeholders were kept informed of progress?

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