Post-Covid Sustainable Transformation Award

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The significant challenge presented by Covid-19, and the resulting surge in demand for NHS resources, have required a transformation of the way care is delivered. A combination of staff working around the clock to increase capacity, optimise infection control procedures and develop new care pathways as infections rose, and clear and considered public health messaging, prevented the system from being overwhelmed. Thanks to these efforts, routine services are beginning to restart and a ‘new normal’ is being established. But how will those initiatives and process changes developed through necessity during the crisis fare within this ‘new normal’?

This award celebrates the innovations, initiatives and redesigns developed during the Covid crisis that are becoming a cornerstone for care delivery in the mid to long term. Whether you have found effective ways to virtually interact with patients, developed new DToC-reducing mechanisms or completely redesigned a care pathway, our judges want to hear how you are making your innovations stick, and continuing to drive value for both staff and patients.


This award is open to all NHS organisations and general practices. Entries are also accepted from wider public and third sector health and social care bodies who have significantly changed a system, process or technology to drive value for patients during the Covid crisis.
Submitted projects can be completed or ongoing, but must have started no earlier than January 2020.


  • Describe the initial scope of the project, and how it may have evolved as the pandemic has progressed
  • Explain the initial targets and goals that were set, and what new targets (if applicable) are being set longer term
  • How were those targets identified and what planning and research has taken place?


  • Describe how the initiative was conceived and implemented in a quick and agile fashion
  • What have been the results on the ground for both healthcare professionals and patients? 
  • Provide detailed evidence of improvements achieved and how they were delivered in a Covid-secure manner
  • Show how the relevance of the initiative will be retained as the pandemic progresses


  • What efforts have been made by the team to ensure others are gaining from the experience?
  • What best practices have been set that will help safeguard in the event of a second wave?
  • How could the learnings from this project be applied in future national pandemic preparedness plans?


  • Describe how the initiative has contributed to the overall lifesaving efforts of the health system in response to Covid-19
  • Evidence the improvements that were initially made in terms of capacity, efficiency, patient experience or value for money – this can be quantitative or qualitative
  • Show how these improvements to will remain applicable long beyond the initial Covid-19 response
  • Provide supporting information to substantiate any claims here.


  • How did the project initially involve collaboration with patients and staff, and to what extent was this prioritised given the need for a quick and agile implementation? 
  • Describe the consultation process that has taken place since initial inception surrounding the retention of this initiative in the longer term

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