Public and Preventative Health Service Redesign Initiative

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Described by the WHO as ‘the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society’, public health services provide a backbone without which the NHS would be able to function. Keeping people safe from environmental hazards and infectious disease, reducing poor health, and working to reduce inequalities in health outcomes all help to reduce strain on the NHS and create a healthier nation.

This award celebrates positive changes to processes and systems which are helping people stay physically and/or mentally well for longer, and where necessary enabling access to preventative or primary care before emergencies arise. Judges are interested in public health led projects which are now driving results for citizens at either a local or national level.


This award will recognise public health and prevention projects across the NHS, general practice, local government health and care teams, as well as other public sector health bodies


  • Describe the context in which a redesign was necessary
  • What was the ambition of the project, and what targets were set?
  • How were those targets identified and what initial planning and research took place?
  • What planning was put in place to work effectively with a variety of stakeholders, colleagues, partners and citizens?
  • What measures were put in place to ensure expectations were met?


  • Clearly demonstrate the benefits of the redesign on citizen outcomes
  • What additional impacts have the redesign had on health and care sector workers?
  • How effective was any collaboration with key colleagues, stakeholders, partners, and citizens?
  • What was the financial impact of the redesign?
  • Please provide qualitative and quantitative supporting evidence clearly referenced in the supporting information


  • Outline examples where this project has embedded and spread to other departments, settings or organisations. 
  • Alternatively, provide clear evidence the work is potentially replicable and scalable.


  • Describe the impact of the redesign on staff and citizen experience 
  • Provide tangible evidence in terms of increased NHS capacity, better health outcomes and/or improved efficiencies.


  • Show how citizens and staff contributed towards and added value to the goals and outcomes of the redesign
  • Provide clear evidence surrounding the consultative measures taken to inform, involve and enable participation in the design of the new initiatives or adaptations to existing working practices
  • Show how strong partnerships and engagement were maintained with all those impacted by the redesign – including those in other organisations

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